Automate your call handling process with IVR

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With the current pandemic crises in the world, businesses ponder how they can resume working amid lockdowns and social distancing. The most favorable option left with businesses is to accelerate their automation strategies. While many companies have already implemented strategies to automate highly repetitive, and routine tasks. Interactive voice response (IVR) is one such service that automates your call handling process.

Interactive voice response (IVR) becomes the first point of contact with a customer for any business. An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system replaces your business receptionist with pre-recorded responses to meet caller needs. IVR capabilities allow businesses to easily handle call flow using customized voice recordings, menu selection, routing options, intuitive templates, IVR scripts, and much more. IVR in many ways limit human interaction while automating the call handling process by acting as a self-service platform for callers. Where callers can find instant solutions to their queries with a press of a button on their devices.

Let us look how to use IVR effectively. Here are some areas where you can automate your call process that does not require human intervention.

FAQ responses

Using an IVR system, businesses can automate the answers to common FAQs. IVR systems will act as a self-service portal for callers. They help in saving time for both the callers as well as agents.

For example, if a person has some troubleshooting issues and needs customer supports. With an IVR system, customers can receive pre-recorded, detailed instructions that will likely fix their issue. If the issue is not solved by these instructions, the IVR system enables the caller with the option to route their issue to the best agent available. This saves time for both the callers as well as agents.

IVR system offers the caller the facility to access customer support resources at any time of the day or night, on weekends, holidays at their own convenience.

Bill payment

Interactive Voice Response system allows easy bill payment without any human intervention, enabling customers to follow automated prompts, select the bill payment option, and pay their bill in no time.

Information retrieval

IVR offers easy and quick information retrieval especially in banking, financial services, and insurance sector. Callers can retrieve information such as account balances, last five transactions, add-on services, report debit/credit card loss and much more.

Push marketing

IVR system can automate the process of making outbound calling for conducting surveys, to collect feedback from customers, and make bulk marketing calls to promote products with a pre-recorded message.

Intelligent call handling

An IVR phone system can handle any number of incoming calls at a time. IVR system automatically routes call to the appropriate agent based on skill level, location, question type, or department. This lowers abandon rates, reduce queue times for calls, and more. Additionally, this intelligent call routing system can help create better customer experiences.

Support during Disaster Recovery and busy times

During seasonal peak or high demand due to emergencies, IVR systems automate notification and reminder calls such as order status, or subscription renewals, payment due dates, and much more.

An IVR can be invaluable during times of disaster recovery. In times of emergency, callers can be routed to a different location, or to staff working from home during severe weather or pandemic.

Route the caller to the right agent or department

An IVR menu offers business to connects callers to different departments admin, facilities, finance, HR, security, and so on. IVR systems route your callers to the most appropriate department or the agent with IVR prompts and dial pad interaction cutting down dependencies on personnel and automate the entire process

Proper implemented Interactive Voice Response system can Increase first contact resolution, customer service efficiency, agent’s productivity, Reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, and much more.

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