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Mcube Tollfree
Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers that can be dialled from mobile or landlines incurring no charges on the person dialling the number.

MCUBE Virtual Number

Drive maximum engagement rates

Makes it easier for customers to contact you at no cost. Inbound calls on the toll-free number can be transferred to your executives’ multiple numbers enabling them to provide faster on- call resolution to your customers. This can significantly multiply the inbound leads and increase the response rate to the inquiries. The toll-free/virtual number helps in maximizing customer engagement rate and offers a higher level of customer satisfaction.


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No risk of missing calls

Build customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

The toll-free number provides an easily accessible and comfortable-to-use phone number for connecting with your business. Calls received at your toll-free number are automatically recorded and stored on the cloud for further analysis of the call for follow up and providing better customer service. It shows customers that you’re responsive to their enquires, while it is important for gaining customer trust and loyalty.
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Use toll-free number as a marketing tool

Toll-free numbers drive more relevant and valuable leads to your business. Toll-free numbers can indicate the professionalism, reliability, and credibility of your business. Toll-free numbers for marketing offer your business nationwide reach. Toll-free numbers can be utilized on different advertising platforms such as marketing channels, websites, print, television, pay-per-click advertising, and radio. You can even create a unique toll-free number or virtual number for each of the different platforms so that you can trace which platform is providing you better return on investment. Toll-free numbers act as a marketing tool that drives inbound leads, sales, and ROI.

Expand Business Easily

An increased inbound calls rate with a toll-free number ensures an increase in your business sales. Even distant customers contact you directly on the call with no cost. This increases overall sales as you can reach more customers through an easy mode of communication. With a toll-free number, never miss a potential lead for your business and boost your business sales.
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