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VMC tech’s flagship product MCube offers cloud telephony solution

Sundeep Misra is the CEO and co-founder of VMC Technologies which delivers a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) ecosystem to enable organizations, their customers and employees to easily connect regardless of location and device.

Taking Voice Into The Cloud

Sundeep Misra struck upon a business opportunity in an unusual manner. After coming back to India in 2007, having worked with financial services giant Goldman Sachs, he saw people using the mobile phones to communicate and close deals. Sealing deals, which is in the DNA of any Goldman employee..

My Billion Dollar Dream

When I returned India, after a 15 year stint with some leading MNCs, I was pleasantly surprised with the all round development I witnessed everywhere I went. There was a hustle and bustle to everything.

MCube Cloud Telephony System

Before we start looking at the aspects of Mcube cloud telephony, let us first get a quick understanding of what cloud telephony is. With the help of a cloud-based telephony system, you can make your business look larger than it really is.

MCube is the rising star of Cloud Telephony

MCube, a cloud-based integrated communication platform, is an ecosystem, which is designed to deliver automated voice call management applications. PBX works mostly on fixed lines and doesn’t cater to mobile workforce, which is where we hold our major market.

Cloud telephony creating level playing field

Technology has always been a force behind creating level playing field for small to medium enterprises. This has been more evident in the last few years as the cloud computing software products evolved. Cloud telephony solutions virtual communication is not different.