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Mcube report
MCUBE report provides a live dashboard that projects important statistics in real-time, such as the number of calls, calls received location-wise, number of executives handling calls, number of calls transferred, SMS report, follow up, IVRS report, click to connect, outbound calls, and many more.

stunning and detailed report

Stunning and detailed Reports

With MCUBE reports, replace your unorganised and complex reports with visually appealing and actionable reports. Consolidate multiple reports into a single dashboard based on different timelines.


live caller id tracking
Live caller ID tracking
systematic call routing
Systematic call routing
power virtual assistant
AI Powered virtual assistant
no risk of missing calls
No risk of missing calls

Improve your Sales Performance with Activity Insights

Know how many calls were made, and meetings held both day and month-wise, check which activities are consuming most of the time and what measures should be taken to reduce it, which executive is performing well and how is he doing it better than others on the team, what kind of initiatives need to be taken to improve the executives' productivity. These insights help you to improve your sales process and training.
Improve your sales

Consolidated and detailed reports

MCUBE reports get crucial insight that you want to derive in just a few clicks. You can get both consolidated and detailed reports based on overall call traffic, day wise, week wise, month wise, executive wise, etc. Also shows the ratio of inbound vs outbound calls for your account for the selected month.

Obtain Call Analytics

MCUBE offers call analytics wherein you can track the performance of all your marketing campaigns be it digital, offline, print, etc. so that you can easily figure out which marketing campaign is best performing and thereby enables you to decide what marketing strategies need to be implemented. Helps companies to measure the ROI of the marketing campaigns in an effective way.
obtained call analytics