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Client : Sha-Shib Group

Sha-Shib Group of institutions is a pioneer and explorer in the field of higher education and passionate about enriching the youth with the latest technology and up to date educational curriculum that gives students an advantage in the exclusive career field. Sha-Shib Group of Institutions established in the year 1991 at Bhopal (M.P.) with the aim of imparting high quality of education in the fields of management and applied sciences.

Presently Sha-Shib Group has set global standards in the field of Aviation, Engineering, Science, Management and Schools with its presence in the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Bhopal, Cochin, Bhubneshwar, Guna. All the educational institutions are approved by the different state government central government regulatory bodies and by the director-general of civil aviation govt. of India.

Challenges in Sha-Shib Group

The global technological scenario is changing faster than ever, and there is a great demand for technical professionals who can keep pace with the change. Aspirants for technical education are growing stronger and exponentially as days pass by. With large number of institutions in different cities all over the country, the Sha-Shib group needed a solution that could handle large number of queries calls and a platform to follow up large call volume. Moreover, they needed a solution to track all students calls and categorize student databases as per their requirement. Also, they found it difficult to remember each and every student’s query to follow up. To access the performance of their executive who would communicate with the students or parents
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Solution Implement

Solution Implemented

With MCUBE’s cloud telephony solution, Sha-Shib group was able to manage the large number of calls in a single platform by employing a single toll-free number and IVR setup that would enable the callers from any location to land the call as per their requirement. MCUBE’s feature enabled them to never miss out on an incoming call. Moreover, all unanswered calls could be forwarded to the personal/corporate number of every single executive; thus, leading to better response time and appropriate lead servicing. Autodialer feature allowed Sha-Shib group to follow up on the prospect by adding all the phone numbers of the prospect in the dashboard and calling each and every one. With call recording features they we able to analyze even tiny details of the student query and providing personalized guidance to each student. Also with call reports they we able be to track all the calls in one place and also monitor the performance of the executive as well.

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