Benefits of moving your business call to the cloud

Nov 23, 2020   blog   0 Comments

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The current pandemic crisis around the world has created a “new normal” in our lives, where our streets are deserted, factories & shops closed, businesses managing their employees remotely, the working environment changed rapidly and much more. Now that we have forcibly adapted this lifestyle and work-related changes knowing that these changes are temporary, but it is an undeniable fact that many of these changes are going to stay in the future. As many organizations have taken quick decisions to overcome their challenges in providing critical support to employees, customers, and communities. They have even tried innovative ways and reinvented procedures to deliver uninterrupted customer support.

Customer experience plays an important role in the progress of the any business. Cloud platform can play a vital role in ensuring business continuity as businesses have shifted to working from home. As communication is a basic pillar of many organizations, be it within the employees, offering customer service, support service, inbound & outbound call, all these activities are forced to be carried out from home or remote location due to pandemic situation. The problem arises when there is a need for a telephone system that can offer all the necessary communication requirements as of the office premise.

In the past, businesses rely upon physical and on-site equipment, (such as PBX cabinets) for phone systems and applications to carried out all the necessary communication processes. But as now the pandemic situation doesn’t allow us access to office, therefore the need for a communication system that can offer remote access is critical now more than ever.

This is where cloud telephony comes into the picture, it offers a hosted telephony server on the cloud, enabling a centralized point of communication with mere access of internet and a digital device to accesses. All business calls can be controlled and managed from remote location/homes. You can even set up a virtual call center at your home.

Let us look into the benefits of moving your business call to the cloud. On-demand availability

You can use the cloud application anywhere and anytime you like. You can access the application with a broad network, meaning you can access using multiple and varied types of devices such as your laptop, mobile phone, and tablets.

Ability to scale rapidly

As businesses expand, so should their phone system. With the cloud-based platform, you need not worry about the extra hardware or equipment requirement. The cloud platform is easy and quick to organize. All you need is to shift some handsets or cables, without any extra burden on your business IT department.

Offer high flexibility

Whether your business is growing or downsizing, a cloud service offers the all flexibility your business needs. Be it offering access at offsite location or branch location or at flexible working times. Cloud telephony offers businesses the capability to accommodate the business needs today and tomorrow.

Disaster recovery

The entire business data finds its storage and backup on the cloud. There is no loss of any business data due to natural calamity as cloud data is safe and secure at multiple locations.


Cloud platform offers you greater security, as storage of data takes place on the cloud. You can access the cloud platform from any device, no matter what happens to your machine. It offers feasibility of remotely wiping data from laptops so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Capital-expenditure Free

The cloud platform cuts out the high cost of infrastructure and hardware. Cloud platform offers easy pay as you go model and subscription-based model reduces cost burden. Also there is no maintenance cost involved as service provider takes care of it.


Cloud platform offers almost unlimited storage, therefore all of your business call data from the start of your company is safe and secure in the cloud. You can access data at anytime and any location as per your needs.

Finally, It’s Time to Adapt, It’s no longer a matter of when. In order to stay ahead in the present crisis situation and for being prepared for the future, it’s very much necessary to employ an innovative platform for growth and progress of the business. You’ll likely still have questions — and maybe even some concerns. We’re here to help you with the smooth, easy, and personalized migration of your business call to the cloud.

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